Titanex 27 meter free-standing vertical and its installation.


A special fabricated cranch-up base that is galvanised is used for the base. The base is balanced with bolts in the horisontal plane.


This base is much easier to install than the U-bars that was supplied by Titanex.


A small delrin roll (white collar in right photo) is used to lead the winch wire when the wire passes about 60 degrees to horisontal plane. Otherwise the wire should hit the bottom clamp. The base is similar to the Versatower base and weighs 70 kg.

The antenna is close to the water about 100m from shore line but on top of a hill about 20 m above sea level.


Forrest is surounding the vertical in the east and west direction.


The antenna has basout 30 radials of 40 m length. Mesaurement on the effectivness of the antenna can be seen on the page "meaurements".

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