I was licensed in early 70s and have always enjoyed working DX. I have worked most of all DX countries and a large majority on most of the bands (less thigh on 80 m/160 m since I started with low bands only 10 years ago) but I have not yet had the time to apply for any diploma. But I plan to do it soon. I am also new LoTW member since a year.


My main interest in amateur radio has been towards internet remote operation. New technology is rapidly changing the scene and opening up new tremendous fields of use. Therefore I have invested a lot of time to make a high performing internet operated HF station out in the Swedish Archipelago. The level of man made disturbances here are way below on all band including 80/160 m. At most a S1-2 units.


Businesswise I have been in venture capital for the latest 10 years before working for Ericsson and Elextrolux for 15 years. In 2009 I got the opportunity to buy and start-up DX Supply a vendor for high quality DX-equipment. You can visit their home page at www.dxsupply.com. We try to specialize in the best ham gear you can buy. We believe quality is not only a matter of high performance but also about sustainable ham radio.


We will post lots of relevant information on building a high quality and high performance HF station for both Dx-ing and contesting from summer 2016 and on. Please feel free to contact me if you need more additional information at kontakt(at)dxsupply.com.


Best 73s Kari SM0HRP


P.S. The antenna photo above is the F12 stack we have had at DXSupply´s office head quaters. A F12 combo 3 el 20m + 2 el 40 m and above that a 2 el 30 m.

This is a photo from the office during winter. Is it not beatiful? We are 40 m above sea level and sloping in almost all directions....

Photo of myself at my sea side QTH in the Swedish Archipelago. No humans around than clean water, fish, seagulls, eagles and no man made disturbances. This is quality of life - RST 599+60 dBs....

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